Car Manufacturer Subaru 'Allergy' With Cheap Car

Car manufacturer Subaru 'Allergy' with Cheap Car 

Jakarta - In Indonesia, many manufacturers began aggressively offering cars at relatively affordable prices. In addition to providing convenience to consumers also can increase sales figures. But not for the Subaru.
Subaru is unlikely to issue a cheap car to the world automotive market in Indonesia even though. Subaru will continue to rely on a car with character recognition premium above the average of its competitors.
Therefore considered very difficult to compete in terms of sales volume. Because Subaru cars until whenever will be segmented.
"We're (Subaru) will not issue a mass product. Therefore we can not compete with the Suzuki, Toyota in terms of volume. Ours was very segmented," said Deputy General Marketing TC Subaru, Sutrisno Lesmono in Jakarta.

Subaru just to maintain its image as a classy car manufacturers who rely on engine technology and the strength and safety for passengers and drivers. One is that during the Boxer engine technology they rely on.

With this concept, further Sutrisno Subaru will likely be a limited product. In Japan for example. Sutrisno explained if the Subaru brand is only able to take the market by 2 percent per year. While in Indonesia about 5 percent. This figure is judged very small when compared with competitors Subaru.

"In Japan we (Subaru) is only 2 percent. In Indonesia we are only about 5 percent. So Subaru is very limited indeed," he concluded.

When asked whether the XV crossover will be priced Subaru cars, not Sutrisno agrees. Because in Indonesia the price Subaru XV will be estimated USD 350 million. "Apparently not," he said.

According XV crossover very eagerly awaited by consumers. Subaru lovers were admitted've talked a lot about Subaru XV.

Even some consumers as described Sutrisno has many wondering about the car being assembled in Malaysia.
"I think consumers are really waiting for this product. Ours was very competitive," said Sutrisno.


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