Car Manufacturer Ford Fiesta Hatchback Alter

Car manufacturer Ford Fiesta Hatchback Alter 

Amsterdam - One of the most popular cars in the world today, Ford Fiesta dipermak. American hatchback now has a more stylish look than the current one.

Ford Motor Co. offered some touch on a Ford Fiesta 2013 model year that will soon be launched.


Ford CEO Alan Mulally will introduce this car in Amsterdam tomorrow in an event attended by about 2,500 dealers.


Europe and America will get a car that will be shown in Amsterdam, the Netherlands was no longer at the end of 2012, while Asia will get it in 2013.


In the 2013 model year Ford Fiesta looks trapezoidal front grille similar to the 2013 model year Fusion. Design headlamp and bonnet are also visible change.


For Europe, Ford is also likely to provide a capacity of 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine that gets the title as the best engine 2012.


Fiesta will be fitted with MyKey (first in Europe), features that prevent young people for reckless with his car. This system allows the owner of the car to the maximum speed limit and limit car audio tone. This system also eliminates audio noise until the seat belt securely in place.


But for Asia, Fiesta platform will be taken to be a machine with larger capacity. Indonesia alone selling Ford Fiesta with 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines.


Ford Fiesta itself has a long history in the dictionary Ford, because their model has been launched since 1979 ago and since then it has sold over 15 million units worldwide.


In Indonesia from January to July 2012, sales of this hatchback has reached 3857 units. Meanwhile, when calculated from the initial launch in November 2010, the car that has the same platform as the Mazda2 has been sold to 11 946 units throughout Indonesia.


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