Car Manufacturer Audi Ensure born MPV Sporty

Car manufacturer Audi Ensure born MPV Sporty 

Stuttgart - Audi car manufacturers will eventually secured their birth Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) 7 passenger sporty. The car is currently being developed and is expected to soon be demonstrated.

Quoted from Autocar, is Chief Sales and Marketing Peter Schwarzenbauer Audi today revealed that it was preparing a family car with a capacity of 6 or 7 passengers.


This car will use the MQB architecture base owned Volkswagen Group and will be set to counter the popularity of the Ford S-Max.


This family car by Audi will be the family car a sporty and stylish with a choice of front drive system drive and four-wheel drive.


For the heart, the car is likely to be strengthened Audi EA888 engine that has a capacity of 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter. TFSI engine has a power 180 bhp and 222 bhp.


While the diesel variant using EA288 engine family, 2.0 TDI that is able to present the power of the 141 bhp or 175 bhp.


Hybrid version is also expected to attend the perpadua capacity of 1.4-liter TFSI engine that powered 148 bhp combined with a powerful 107 bhp electric motor to make the total power reaching 255 bhp.


Not only that, a more sporty version is also expected to be prepared with the power of 276 bhp.


For its name, Audi new species are expected to bear a name that starts with the letter 'V'.


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