Car Chevy Aveo Classy and Elegant

Chevy Aveo Classy and Elegant

Chevy Aveo

Jakarta - All New Chevrolet petite body that carries the 1.4 DOHC engine double CVC, with triptonic transmission is believed to attract youthful consumers and executives.


"Design spaorty very exciting to be modified. Therefore this time we are targeting men and women, ages 25-35 years. Course students, young executives or young singles and newly married," said Director of Marketing GM Indonesia, Yuniadi Haksono Hartono in the launch of the All New Chevrolet Aveo, Jakarta, Wednesday (08/08/2012) night.


This was echoed by the President Director of PT. GM Indonesia, Marcos Purty, saying that the All New Chevrolet Aveo as the perfect vehicle for a young generation of Indonesia is active and dynamic.


"All New Chevrolet Aveo is the first car to offer the six-speed transmission, tiptronic automatic in this segment. Controls are handled entirely by a combination of MacPherson suspension struts on the front suspension and compound-crank on the back of a car
to provide the best comfort while driving, "said Marcos.


Yuniardi re-add the Aveo to be the best vehicle in its class.


"Aveo has been introduced in 60 countries, and if the vehicle is driving consumers will feel the Fun to Drive, and a suitable vehicle untu get along," added Yuniardi.


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