BMW: Thanks to Steve Jobs, Car Color White So Popular

BMW: Thanks to Steve Jobs, Car Color White So Popular

Washington - A touch of Steve Jobs at Apple products are beautiful already inspired far beyond the world of electronics. Even the BMW designers claimed, because Steve Jobs, the white car is now becoming popular.

As we know, Apple products is synonymous with white. Apple phenomenon that spread to the automotive world. The white color is now a favorite.


In fact, for the car, including the white paint color treated for difficult easy dirty, and basic material any more than any other color paint ..


"Before there was Apple, white is associated with products such as refrigerators or tile floor toilet. Apple makes the white color become valuable," said Lead Designer BMW Designwork Sandy McGill in Fortune, Friday (31/08/2012).


In the U.S. for example, the car is now a favorite white replaces silver car choice that has become a U.S. citizen for almost one decade.


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