Best Mobile Game, HTC One X or Galaxy S III?

Best Mobile Game, HTC One X or Galaxy S III? 
Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X is included in the ranks of top-tier Android smartphones equipped with quad-core processor with a graphics subsystem capable.
The second screen of this phone was arguably the quality is very good with large size and high resolution.

Both of these make the Galaxy S III and One X is not only ideal for use bermultimedia such as surfing the Internet or watching HD video, but also to play games.galaxy_siii_gaming_game2Widescreen Smartphone is a device that's fun to play (oik yusuf /

For this purpose, despite having similar specifications and priced at something like that anyway, Galaxy S III and One X using a processor (SoC) are different. Galaxy S III using a Samsung Exynos 4412, while HTC One X relies Tegra 3 from NVIDIA.

Both processors have the same four CPU cores based on ARM Cortex A9, but the Exynos 4412 and Tegra 3 uses a different GPU unit. Performance of the two smartphones in the running game was different though not contradictory.

Well, between the two flagship Samsung and HTC, which is more reliable to accompany your adventure in your favorite game?
Overview Technical Specifications
In addition to the processor and the physical, the other point of difference between the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X lies in the size and type of screen used.
HTC chose Super IPS LCD2 measuring 4.7 inches, while Samsung wearing 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen. The difference in the type and size of 0.1 inches between them is insignificant and only visible when the note actually.

With a massive resolution of 1280x720, the display image on the screen is very sharp both the contrast and color saturation.
galaxy_siii_gaming_unit2Both Galaxy S III and X One brought together a high-quality widescreen, led by the powerful components underneath (oik yusuf /
For another thing, these two smartphones tend to be similar. RAM capacity of 1 GB alike, resolution 8-megapixel camera, and even the physical dimensions and weight of the two only differs marginally.

From the hardware side, the advantages of the Galaxy S III than One X is the support of 4G LTE (for certain markets) as well as storage capacity that can be expanded with a micro SD card up to 64 GB. One X only offers 32 GB of internal storage with no memory slot.
In terms of gaming, micro SD card will certainly help users transfer large files such as photos or videos to the remaining space in the internal storage that can be filled with gaming applications.

Moreover, game titles modern Android could reach hundreds of megabytes of storage capacity that can be spent quickly.
To measure the level of game theoretical performance of each smartphone, used two benchmark tests focusing on the graphics, the GLBenchmark 2.5 and RD 3D Benchmark. Here is a brief test results both.
GLBenchmark 2.5
GLBenchmark 2.5, in units of Frame Per Deitk (FPS), the higher the better
RD 3D Benchmark

RD 3D Benchmark, average FPS rate and the total score, the higher the better
From the summary of the benchmark results above, the Samsung Galaxy S III appears ahead of HTC One X.
GPU Mali-400MP GPU on the processor Samsung's Exynos 4412, according to the benchmark, though the graphics have performance that is higher than ULP Geforce 4 +1 cores in the Tegra 3.
So, does this mean that the Samsung Galaxy S III is a smartphone that is superior in the running game? Not really.
Problem Support Title Game
Although slightly behind Exynos 4412 in terms of gaming performance theory, in fact, in most games, the performance of Tegra 3 in HTC One X is very adequate.
The advantages of the Tegra 3 is a developer support applications (game) to the processor on this one. Support or optimization, among other things, allow Tegra 3 display graphical effects are more affluent than other processors.

Like what? Examples can be seen in the game Dead Trigger screenshot below.
Screenshot_2012-09-14-16-15-28 Dead Trigger, graphics settings "Ultra High"
Screenshot_2012-09-14-16-28-26 Dead Trigger, graphics settings "High"

In the picture above, it appears that the graphics settings "Ultra High" adds a realistic effect of water puddles, complete with sparks that arise when the bullet shot into it. There are also other graphical features such as lighting and smoke better visualization. Visual effects will not be noticeable when the game is run with the graphics settings "High".

Well, setting "Ultra High" in Dead Trigger can only be run on a smartphone with Tegra SoC because this game is designed for NVIDIA processors are homemade. On the Galaxy S III, Dead Trigger refusing to go on a setting higher than "High".

Other game titles too (which is optimized for Tegra) has many similar capabilities, such as Horn, Beach Buggy Blitz, Shadowgun, Riptide GP, Nova 3, and Bladeslinger THD promises console quality gaming graphics class, when run on device Tegra 3.

Graphical display of the Tegra 3 is certainly pretty worthless. The better the game image shown, the more burden borne by the processor and the graphics processor smartphone.

As a result, games can run in broken though not all quite "heavy" to make HTC One X to its knees.
One of the games that could deliver high graphics processing load with prime quality graphic display is First-Person Shooter Nova 3.

Galaxy S III himself'm not able to display graphical effects ciamik. In some cases, such as the Dead Trigger on top, the game can be tricked with file modification that would result in additional visual effects, although not being run by a device with a Tegra processor.

However, it still uses the Tegra 3 is a more practical way to get a better view of the game titles that are optimized for these processors.

Nvidia also provides specialized portal, which Tegrazone, as a means of Tegra device owners to obtain game titles that are optimized for the device.
In terms of gaming, there is no absolute winner between the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Each has its own advantages points when used for this one.

The second major difference in terms of mobile gaming may be located on the higher performance offered by the Galaxy S III and beautiful graphics that can be presented HTC One X (in a game optimized for Tegra).

Speed ​​or quality of the display, which is more important? It depends on user preferences and the needs of the game being played. The answer is determined by how much like a smartphone user to see better graphics in the game and to what extent tolerance to the smooth frame rate when playing.

Two phones even this is not the only Android device that can be used to play games. Class models under them were able to run the game in accordance limit the hardware capabilities of each.

However, as you are the products from each manufacturer, presented the experience of playing the Galaxy S III and X One could arguably among the most good for the Android smartphone platform today.
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