Balian Dadas Dance and Much More Fantastic Than the Magnificent, Gangnam Style

Singer Ratna Listy though not so interested public is so enamored of Gangnam style, lately. According to him, the trend of Korean dance popularized by PSY is not as beautiful as the movement of traditional dance movements.

According to Ratna, the views of the movement, Gangnam style really is not that special. In the country many dance movements is far more nice and cute.


East Java Madiun singer exemplifies, he is more fascinated with the dance origin Palangkaraya Central Kalimantan. According to him, the dance Balian Dadas seen on Earth Tabun Bungai was much cooler.


Ratna even get goosebumps when the dance is performed by beautiful dancers. There's something beautiful instead saw Gangnam style.

"But to be honest, last week I visited Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, see Balian Dadas dance, much cooler than Gangnam style. Goosebumps watching it," he said at his home ditemuyi, Jakarta, Sunday (09/23/2012) night.


Signs of the End Times film star is found, Gangnam style so popular due to the enormity of the development of the Internet media. What's more, benefit from a world trend Korean fever again.



Eko Hendrawan Sofyan

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