Avoid Sensor Government, "Hacker" Make Yourself Satellites in Space

Avoid Sensor Government, "Hacker" Make Yourself Satellites in Space 

Many actors entertainment world who use the internet for the benefit of the industry. For the group of hackers (hackers), they need not money, but the satisfaction to find and share information. Freedom is sometimes limited by censorship, especially by the government.

In order to own a network that is free of censorship, a group of hackers trying to launch a communications satellite into space. It diampaikan fully in an event titled Chaos Communication Congress held in Berlin, Germany.

Satellite launch project called Hackerspace Global Grid (HGG) will submit at least one satellite into orbit, which will communicate with earth stations (ground station), by creating an independent network.

"The first goal is to create an internet that does not have a sensor somewhere. Lets us make the internet out of the control of terrestrial entities," said activist Nick Farr. The team hopes the three prototype ground stations could be completed in the first half of 2012, with the device to be manufactured and sold without taking advantage. Estimated that each ground station will cost around 100 euros (equivalent to 130 dollars).

However, Professor Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey said, it's difficult to see how satellites can be used as a communication grid. "When the satellite away from Earth then there keterlembatan signals that interfere with certain Internet applications," explained Prof. Woodward. He suggested that the satellite was placed in orbit above the equator geostasioneri allowing them to match the earth's movement.

Prof. Woodward added, placing the satellite in space to get the internet without censorship may also still be in conflict with the law in each country. This activity is illegal activity, and any country can disable this satellite when the satellite is in territory belonging to a particular country.

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"Hacker" The more independent after Make Yourself Satellite in Space, hackers will not be limited by censorship of the government, saletit Hackers have published their own


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