Automotive Industry Contribute Rp 80 Trillion Economy Make Indonesia

Automotive Industry Contribute Rp 80 Trillion Economy Make Indonesia 
Jakarta - Although often ridiculed for making jams in big cities like Jakarta, the national automotive industry contributes significantly to the economy of Indonesia. In 2011 alone, the contribution of the automotive industry reached Rp 80 trillion.

III Chairman of the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association, Johnny Darmawan explained that the condition of the automotive industry is currently in a state of delight.

With the size of the automotive industry in Indonesia, the contribution of this industry to the economy was fairly large as well.

"In 2010, the automotive industry accounts for 6.5 percent of GDP. Automotive industry also contributes to Rp 80 trillion. This number could be even greater if the leasing and insurance industries are also taken into account," he said when opening the IIMs in JIExpo, Kemanyoran, Jakarta, Friday (21/09/2012).

From the production side, the four wheels in 2010 rose 51 percent from 2009, and in 2011 rose 19.2 percent from 2010, "he said.

Johnny who is Chairman of the Indonesia International Motor Show organizers explained that the growing vehicle demand increasing year because economic growth has also increased.

Last year, there were 894 thousand cars sold, up 16.9 percent compared to 2010. "In January to June, there were 630 thousand units, up 25.9 percent from last year," lugasnya.

"And if there is nothing to hinder, then at the end of last year we could reach 1 million units," he added.

In ASEAN, Indonesia's car market is the largest market contributing to 34.7 percent of all cars sold and 12.6 percent higher than Thailand's auto market has been the largest market in Asean.

The increase in car sales, according to Johnny is expected to continue as Indonesia has a large population with economic growth is also quite high.

Not only for domestic needs only, car production in Indonesia also exported to many countries. In 2011 and there were exported 107,932 cars (CBU), while 83 thousand other decompose exports (CKD).

In January to July, there were 112 cars were exported in CBU and 69 thousand were exported in CKD.

The auto industry also did Johnny make the sector is able to absorb millions of workers. Potential uptake was even greater in the future given the variety of automotive brands currently vying to invest in Indonesia to make the archipelago as a production base.


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