Astounding! Google Drive for iOS Updated, Can Now Edit Documents

Astounding! Google Drive for iOS Updated, Can Now Edit Documents 

Google recently updated app Google Drive online storage service, in the operating system (Apple's) iOS.

In this latest update, Google added a feature editing documents directly through the application (on the go).


Google Drive is an online storage service, similar to Dropbox. The user can store various kinds of data, such as documents, photos, videos, and applications. The difference with Dropbox, Google Drive is equipped with Google Docs service.


Initially, this editing feature is only available for users of Google Drive on Android. While in iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, for editing documents, must be entered into a web browser first.


When KompasTekno try Google Drive editing features on the iPad, this application did not support editing features for document type spreadsheet. Upon further study, it was only text-only documents that have been supported by this editing feature.


However, the ability to create new documents already present in the latest version of Google's Drive for iOS. Users also can see the presentation file, complete with animation, speaker notes, and full-screen mode.


Additionally, users are given the ability to create folders and upload data, such as photos and videos, directly from the device to the application Drive.


Google Drive application for Android also get updates. In this latest version, Android users can add comments, reply comments, and see the table directly through the application of this drive.

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