Amazing, There Can Bus Push Up

Amazing, There Can Bus Push Up 
In the hands of an artist all be unique. Just look at the work of this Czech artist who makes a bus capable of doing push ups. Bus who love this sport he created to welcome the 2012 Olympics to be held in London.

David Cerny is a Czech origin who have unique ideas that change the typical London bus in red in order to exercise.


Push up bus capability admirable. Because the weight of the bus is not to be taken lightly, 6 tons. He bought a bus was made ​​in 1957 from the Netherlands to then fitted with various mechanical devices.


Bus nicknamed 'London boosted' this too has issued a lowing sound like people who exercise push ups while.


"There's a common practice for every athlete in the world, and it is a push-up," said Cerny as quotes from inautonews.


"This is training for sports activities but at the same time in the army and prison sentences. So push-up is a physical activity that is very universal. It's very ironic," he added.


Cerny hopes his creation will be able to work for three weeks and will encourage his colleagues to reach out on a medal this summer.


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