Amazing! Boy 7 years Old China Able Drag Car 1.85 Ton

Fengyang - When a man pulled a car with a rope that's probably the norm. But what if a 7 year old boy who pulls a car that weighs 1.85 tons? That is just incredible.

Perhaps many people will assume it is impossible. But for a 7 year old boy named Yang Jinlong, that things may be done.


Jinlong is a child of the region near the city of Chuzhou Fengyang in Anhui province.


The boy managed to pull a minivan Wuling is a car with a capacity of 8 passengers that weighs 1.85 tonnes. This car got sucked Jinlong up to 25 meters.


What is more, Jinlong was also able to hold his father and carried him around. Cement which has a weight of 100 kg can be lifted easily.


And even crazier, as reported by Car News China, Jinlong teryata had other ambitions which attract a large truck later when he was already 20 years old.


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