Alumnus of the University of Indonesia Communications Wins Miss IIMS 2012

Alumnus of the University of Indonesia Communications Wins Miss IIMS 2012

While pointing his hand up, as if thanking God. Peace and hugs safe hauling approaching Atria Loni Ford Harini-Usher-after name called as the winner of the Miss Indonesia International Motor Show 2012 (IIMS 2012). It works to get rid of six other finalists.

Pretty girl is selected as the best through the selection process and in the semifinals the day before the announcement. Atria not just beautiful. Master of Communication UI is also intelligent. This issue is of diction and enough knowledge when KompasOtomotif mewawancarinya.

"This is dynamic era! Women should know about automotive. Nope know if we can ask. There are books, there is Google, which is important for us to understand the world to increase knowledge and raise awareness of and safety on the road. Let the safe, "jelentreh her with a mixture of English-Indonesian language.

For Atria, limitations beautiful and sexy as Usher and automotive SPG is should know about automotive. The initiative, the SPG should stand in the front guards, welcomes prospective consumer. "Knowledge and brand share is a duty," he said.

Ford Question? "I know a lot about Ford. Are you testing me? Okay, so Ford is one of the American brand and starting this year have global model, the same all over the world. Ford Focus cool excessively, have features that can free tottaly free hand which they refer to as Active Park Assist. This is a good brand, "the 24-year girl babble.

About congestionAtria day-to-day use the private car as a means of transportation. However, because the increasing number of cars and road users getting stuck, it had proposed to the government to restrict the number of cars circulating. For example, a family with just one car. "I do not matter to me If she should share (car). Congestion is an entry level can not be tolerated, "said Atria is now concentrated in the modeling world.

Do not know, what it will do after winning the Miss IIMS 2012. Certainly, Atria will continue to concentrate on the modeling world and would probably make a new program for the promotion of Ford.

Miss Motor Show
Atria Loni Harini
Runner Up 1
Della Christina  
Runner Up 2
Miss Photogenic
Desy Natasya
Miss Congeniality
Uci Hoediono    
Miss Favorite
Bonita Panjaitan
Miss Automotive
Sari Wulandari


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