Agya Would Scroll Position Avanza?

Jakarta - The first time you launch the Avanza, sold relatively affordable, but over time the price of the car is more expensive. But now there is the new flagship of Toyota's low cost car segment namely Agya. Is Agya will shift the popularity Avanza?
Agya would Scroll Position Avanza? 
Avanza MPV has been the backbone of Toyota sales. However, the fate of others would say that Agya come.

"We'll see. Judging can see that," said Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Joko Trisanyoto detikOto.

Joko explained, to shift the map sales Toyota Avanza in Indonesia is somewhat difficult. Avanza has long been entrenched, while Agya is a new vehicle that can not be predicted success.

But Joko, if you glance at the performance of a city car it would be very important later on their newly purchased car for the first time (first buyer), in which the segment does not need a big car, but measuring functionality.

He added that the two established its own market. This condition is believed to make the colors in the 

"Between both of them have their respective advantages and the market is definitely there," complete Joko.

Agya selling like hotcakes
In the arena of Indonesia International Motor Show alone until the day Mingggu 23 September 2012, Toyota has sold more than 500 units with booking Agya which reached 70 percent.

At the IIMs, the consumer can do Agya booking fee of Rp 1 - Rp 5 million.

Agya available in 3 choices of the TRD-S ditampuk as the highest variance, on the High Grade (G), and Medium Grade (E).

Earlier, President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor Johnny Darmawan said government regulations about Low Cost and Green Car'll leave at the end of October.

"Now we just remove the rule that government alone. We wait. I think Toyota and Daihatsu car pull out right now," he said.
"Well at least we start launching in December 2012. Was already officially out (Agya and Ayla)," Johnny said sure.

For the price, this car is expected to be sold from USD 80-110 million.


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