Abundant Features, Ford Car Focus Start tag of Rp. 324.9 Million

The promise of PT Ford Motor Indonesia to launch the All New Ford Focus at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012 akhrinya proven. Toyata Altis sedan sedan competitors were priced from Rp 324.9 million.

All New Focus not only comes with a new face, but also with many new features for consumers.

Ford Focus sedan available in 4 variants namely Trend Focus 5-door 1600 cc 6-speed automatic Rp 324.9 million, Trend Focus 4-door 1600 cc 6-speed automatic Rp 338.5 million, Focus Titanium 5-door 2000 cc 6-speed automatic Rp 349 million and Focus 4-door 2000 cc sport 6 speed automatic Rp 369 million.

"All New Focus has a lot of advantages to satisfy customers in Indonesia. Addition, not only the body has changed, this time accompanied by Focus many recognized abundant features is ideal for riders in Indonesia," said Managing Director of Ford Motor Indonesia Good Susanto on the sidelines the launch of the All New Ford Focus at the booth at the JI Expo Kemayoran, North Jakarta, on Thursday (09/19/2012).

According to Good despite abundant features, the all-new Focus sedan is very competitive when compared with the sedan class. "The car was very competitive sedan, I'm sure the car is in great demand by the Ford users in Indonesia," believes Good.

All New Focus pinned on Active Park Assist feature that helps drivers parallel park. Another new element Active City Stop feature that helps reduce the risk of collisions at low speed (30 km / h). This feature works by using sensors Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) is pinned at the top of the windshield.

This feature can monitor the vehicle or obstacle in front of the All-New Focus to about 7.6 meters. If there is no obstacle in front of the machine will suddenly slow down. This feature is available on Titanium models + and Sport +.

One smart feature on the All New Focus More Ford's Blind Spot Information System, or the car can determine if there is a vehicle hidden in the blind spot zones on either side of the vehicle.

LED lights on the rear view mirror on the left and right vehicles will give a signal to the driver, so the cars can avoid collision. Well, this system began to operate at speeds above 10 km / h. In addition, the all-new Focus is embedded feature called Ford SYNC supported by Microsoft.


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