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James Yee and Family "I am an American soldier, a citizen and a patriot. But the look of suspicion, I was misguided minority who do not have an inclusive relationship with the American national government. I'm just a Muslim. "So Yee wrote at the end of his testimony on the brutality of American soldiers against him and other Muslim prisoners.

James Yee is a graduate of West Point convert to Islam, the most prestigious military academies in the U.S.. At first, he is a Lutheran Christian. He chose to embrace Islam when to Syria. After graduating from West Point he met a woman named Huda who later became his wife. James Yee graduated from West Point in 1990, served in the U.S. Army for fourteen years, including assignments in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War I. After embracing Islam in 1991, he studied Islam and Arabic in Damascus, Syria for four years. He has twice pilgrimage to Mecca.

In early 2001, he returned to military service amid strong U.S. sentiment against Islam after the WTC tragedy. In Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) he was assigned as chaplain (chaplains) who serve all prisoners who are all Muslims. Gitmo prison in Cuba is a place meringkuknya prisoners accused of plotting with Osama bin Laden and former Taliban forces.

When he arrived at Guantanamo, Yee found a lot of brutality committed against Muslims who became prisoners there. However, because initially he thought this brutality based on ignorance, Yee actually saw this condition as a challenge for him. Yee did not just want to give spiritual care to prisoners, but he also wanted to educate U.S. military personnel about Islam.

Unfortunately, this is what dragged him into the puddle problem. Because it treats prisoners with respect and dignity, speak good things about Islam, as well as leading religious activities, Yee instead seen as a terrorist, is seen as the enemy.

Because James Yee a Muslim, he was suspected and treated unfairly if the other soldiers. The soldiers ignored his orders as a U.S. Army captain. This is a disciplinary action, but no follow-up. This proves that a Muslim can not become a real soldier in the U.S., let alone become an officer.

Most of the brutalities committed against James Yee and other detainees at Guantanamo is the responsibility of General Geoffrey Miller, the person in charge at Guantanamo. General Miller seems to have a personal grudge and hatred against Yee and the Muslims. I wonder what his motives.

Miller's own Christian beliefs that contribute to radical trust in all his actions at Guantanamo. However, unfortunately, James Yee was the one who faced criminal charges, go to Miller. Yee was forced to resign, instead of Miller. Though Miller was-along with a number of other senior officers, who should dishonorable discharge from military service.

Violence and inhuman behavior which resulted in a barrage of some of the detainees had collapsed and attempted suicide. Harassment of Muslims paraded by the guards. Qur'an thrown, kicked, trampled and torn. A stone's throw also performed on prisoners who were praying. In Camp X-ray and Delta detainees were forced to kneel for hours in the sun under the grill, while the feet and hands cuffed. If the wailing for the drinks, so the guards gave him a kick. Not only that, prisoners were also sent a shower of urine and feces.

Americans seem reluctant to apply the Geneva Conventions to the Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay military camp.

Abuse and sexual abuse of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo is not a figment. Hundreds of people are confined in U.S. military camps were treated very inhumane.

James Yee expose the cruelty of American soldiers at Guantanamo prison while on duty according to his testimony there. Endured harassment and character assassination. Just because Yee is Muslim and trying to do something more civilized. Also because he is a Muslim imam-dai (preacher) - in the U.S. military that attempts to straighten out a mistake understanding of Islam to his fellow soldiers. Tragic story of Yee, a Chinese American army captain, the beginning of his service at Guantanamo.

Within 10 months of duty at Camp Delta prison term for the eight blocks that-he was a witness to the atrocities suffered by the prisoners. "Even they do not get the protection as stated in the Geneva Conventions," said Yee testified.

The administration of President George W. Bush and the military reluctant to apply the convention to the Muslim prisoners he called terrorists. The "fighters" Muslim, enemies of America from various countries, do not acquire rights as prisoners of war.

Can be ascertained, maltreatment of detainees and abuse holy book the Koran often occurs when prisoners undergo. Military police at prisons often use the Koran to clean the floor slabs. I often find tear sheets of the Koran on the floor. Almost every day there was a loud dispute between guards and inmates that led to torture. Sometimes the American soldiers who are not Muslim prisoners deliberately making noise while worshipers.

Quite often prisoners were forced to leave prayers for tests. "Gradually I realized that my attempt to give the teaching of tolerance to their suspicions deepened," Yee wrote. And anyone who served in the camp must maintain the confidentiality of anything he had seen and experienced.

Secretly, the movements of soldiers on duty were always supervised by a government secret agent, either from the FBI and military intelligence. Yee added that since Yusuf Islam in his name, did not escape from supervision. Until finally, Yee was arrested on 10 September 2003 at the Jacksonville Airport, Florida.

For 10 days he was locked up in cells and treated like prisoners. Checked with the naked, food deprivation, shackled hand and foot, blurring the five senses, as well as other treatments without considering that he was an army officer.

"They do not care about rank captain, a graduate of West Point, the most prestigious military academies in the United States. They do not care about my religion forbids naked in front of people. They do not care there has been no formal charges against me. They do not care about his wife and kids do not know where I was. They obviously do not care if I was a loyal American citizen and, above all, not guilty ".

Since then, various allegations leveled to entrap him. Betrayal, collusion with terrorists, stocked up the issue of infidelity. A number of American newspaper itself had stuck on intel misinformation disseminated.

They called Yusuf Yee as a stooge of the Taliban. The issue of infidelity is intentionally stocked to the newspaper almost destroyed his household. Terror and slander waged also that his wife also hated it.

His wife was holding a pistol in one hand and two bullets in the other. "Teach me how to use it," she whispered over the phone from their apartment in Olympia, Washington. Of all the things that once passed James Yee-arrest, charges of espionage, 76 days locked up in solitary confinement, this is the worst.

Storm fear in his chest while talking on the phone with his wife. As a chaplain, Yee has been trained to detect and prevent suicides. Huda Yee know that the condition was critical. His wife had found his Smith & Wesson pistol stored in a hidden place in the closet. Huda had planned this. Yee feel helpless ...

Even more astonishing, there are minors in jail on charges as a member of this terrorist network. One of them is Omar Khadir, a Canadian Muslim boy who just turned 15 years old.

James Yee is growing testimony to explain what actually happens in special prisons of America. Yee said the war against terrorism launched by President Bush gave birth to insanity in American military circles. Yee became victims of the madness.

Dark experience for more than a year in military custody gave him a valuable lesson. American military conditions far from ideal Yee. Distinction and honor and freedom of religion is guaranteed to run.

Religion and belief it is still a major problem in the military who claim democratic country. "They do not consider that I was a loyal soldier," wrote James Yee.

Yee testimony is like a Hollywood drama production. A U.S. military officer sent to prison on suspicion of espionage, rebellion, inciting, aiding the enemy, and the military and the country became a traitor.

But everything is not proven and the officer eventually acquitted of all charges. Captain James Yee, the officer, get the uncivilized treatment of the U.S. military because he is Muslim and the U.S. paranoid reaction against Islam totally unprovoked.

But the American public know that it was a lie. While the U.S. military's credibility collapsed due to carelessness in this case. Even the New York Times March 24, 2006 issue of lowering the editorial titled "Military Injustice".

Although completely cleared of charges, but his desire to remain devoted to God and country vanished. Yee "forced" to withdraw from the military on January 7, 2005. Unfortunately, the military career and his reputation has been destroyed first. Even now his status is still 'in control'.

The U.S. is really paranoid. Anyone who is considered the enemy, everything is done. No matter it is contrary to human rights, justice, international conventions, or other things that always digemborkannya own.

Yee and Guantanamo cases further eroded the U.S. image in the eyes of world public. Closing Gitmo prison now being considered for international pressure through the United Nations, including its close ally, Britain and Italy. About 500 detainees from 35 countries are still languishing in prison.

One of the lessons to be learned from the case of Yee is the role of mass media. When the detention process, complete Yee suffering. Not only was imprisoned without proof, but he also has been judged by the mass media (trial by the press) before the trial was held. U.S. press like the Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian, etc.. the hum of human rights, it is biased and does not cover both sie. The information presented is a version of the U.S. military.

But the carelessness of the press is redeemed by the harsh criticism against the government after the charges against Yee has not been proven. Articles, editorial, and news items presented in the form of a defense, even some of the mass media to apologize to Yee.

Yee patriotism perished in the eyes of the U.S. government only because he is a devout Muslim duties according to the teachings of religion and state orders. But the world knew that he was a true patriot who devoted his life to God and country.

This is the story that reveals the dark side of the war against terrorism is excessive and without rules, the danger of spreading everywhere and lead to a true American patriot treated like the enemy. Instead of getting an award for his services, Yee indictment. America's reputation as a country of law come smeared with him. We seemed fed up with U.S. policies under Bush with all the doings of the ruffled primitive civilization and human values.

Is the 'war against terrorism' was initiated by the United States (U.S.) is really a war directed against extremism for the sake of democracy? Or is it just a pack of labels for a war against Islam? U.S. officials in the Bush circle insist that their agenda is political, not religious. But in fact, the rhetoric and mannerisms on the field to change the U.S. war on terrorism into a war against Islam.


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